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Green Island’s Food Drive 2010 November 2, 2010

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During the time period of October 20 – 23, Green Island held our annual Food Drive.  On Wednesday, October 20, the troops met for our orders and then scoured Green Island with Price Chopper bags and little notes attached to them asking residents to put a can or two, or fill a bag or two, with groceries to help residents of our village who are in need.  On Saturday, October 23, more troops organized and we walked and drove through the village collecting the donations.

Via Facebook, I sent several reminders to my friends reminding them of the drive.  Along with inbox reminders, I left postings up so people could see when they logged on to FB.  Fortunately, some generous residents who missed our initial pick-up sent me messages.  We were able to swing by their houses and pick up their donations to add them to the collection.

As always, I was in awe and surprised by the generosity of the residents.  It’s not a breaking news story, times are tough for everyone.  Yet, people were still able to find a way to donate.  Sadly though, I found out there are over 50 families in need.  As much as we got, I thought, my God let’s hope there is enough.  My husband works for Freihofer (which is now Bimbo Bakeries… yes, that is correct).  Each year, he is able to get enough donations from them for bread, rolls, cookies and pies for everyone.   There are also monetary donations.  These donations are used for purchasing products such as the turkeys and dairy products are purchased.  Come Christmas, there will be more need for more baskets to prepare.

Our community isn’t different than many other small communities and individuals out there who can lend that helping hand to neighbors in time of need.  A food drive is very easy to organize, even in a place of work.  Food pantries and homeless shelters are in need ~ those who can should help those who are in need.

I created a little video with photos I took during our Food Drive.  The music is GooGoo Dolls, Better Days ~ and with the support and generosity of the residents and those that helped ~ there will be some better days.


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