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Lesson Plan in Service Learning/Essay April 29, 2013

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We live in a society now that is so connected at every moment.  Information is at our finger tips with a few key strokes; what used to take hours to find and research, now can be found in a few minutes.  The world can be brought before us via ICTs – Information and Communication Technology on a computer screen or a phone.  I found several of Bradley’s highlights on hypotheses on social issues tie in to the service learning initiative:

  • We become more global, but also more local – “Glocal”.
  • Family ties may be strengthened, the neighborhood may be revitalized and cooperation with schools can be made easier.
  • Our citizen’s role can be empowered with IT support in the home – there are opportunities to widen and strengthen democracy

It’s said that actions speak louder than words.  Words sometimes though, are a kick-start to action.

View the link below from the National Service Learning Clearinghouse:


  • Select one of the quotes to write a reflective essay.  In the essay:
  • Use the quote as your focus, do research on either the author of the quote or another individual that you feel fits the quote.
  • Research and describe some of the work they have done, and how it could fit into service learning.
  • Using this person’s example, find service learning projects that are similar in nature to include in your essay.

Things to think about:

  • What learning disciplines are incorporated in the service learning?
  • What skills can one enhance or gain by participating?
  • What is the impact on the community?

Bradley, G.  (2006) Social and Community Informatics:  Humans on the Net.  New York:  Routledge.


Service Learning for Adult Learners April 6, 2013

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One often thinks of service learning in learning environments of middle to high school age students and the traditional college student.  Yet, it is not necessarily incorporated into the adult education learning environment.  As Carden states, “Older adults are increasingly active themselves, serving as volunteers and helping to maintain many organizations struggling to meet pressing social needs.  Seniors are mostly left out of structured service-learning opportunities.” 


The objectives of service learning centers on bridging student learning experience and thought with action.  It helps to prepare students for the future, and builds on self-esteem, self-confidence and civic/citizenship skills.  Often times they can work on projects that revolve around societal injustices or fulfilling unmet needs in communities and organizations.   Including adults learners in service learning is a benefit to both the organization or community they are working in, and for their own personal and professional growth.  Adults can add an expertise in areas that have been built on through their many experiences. 


The information from Carden’s Policy Report was dated in 2001, so it would be interesting to find more current data and summaries on how this applies to adult learners.  One comment I found interesting was the questioning of “Why not service learning for elders?” with a response that there is are false conceptions that older adults have finished learning.  With the growth of adult learning and online learning courses, I have to wonder has the conception changed.  From what I have experienced, I have seen adults with a drive to learn and make a difference in their communities.  Which happens to be the essence of service learning ~ learning while making a difference. 


Carden, M. (2001)  Policy Report:  Service Learning and Older Adults.  Center for Social Development and Global Service Institute.  Washington University.


Lesson Plan in Service Learning, the Proposal April 1, 2013

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What motivates you to make a difference?  Is it something you read?  A posting you see on one of the social media platforms?  Whatever the motivator, take that and build on it.

View the 4 videos that are included below to see the visual presentation of the social learning movement.


  • Weekly Discussion topic:  Select one video and write a summary.  Is there a project in your community or surrounding area that you know of that is similar to one they have described?
  • PowerPoint Presentation:  Create a PowerPoint presentation to share with the group.  This will be your “commercial” or promo for the service learning project you have selected to work on.  If you have the ability to include audio, that is great, however, don’t worry if you can’t.  Be creative, you will want to inspire others to follow suit.


Learn and Serve America:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTAfHBwW2mk


Making the Connection: The Service Learning Revolutionhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OWDpPSQRfE


Service: A Solution for Higher Education:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-ZXNBcfh-E


The Importance of Service Learning:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4PdapFAbmA