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Small Businesses with Big Hearts November 4, 2013

Today I sat down and talked with Kristin, the owner of The Cannon Barrel in Watervliet (owner of McIntyre’s Pub in Watervliet, too).  I was making arrangements with her for an upcoming FUNdraising event I am organizing for the American Cancer Society.  When I say she could not be any more accommodating, I really mean, she could not be any more accommodating.  I felt that she had a genuine interest in helping make this event a success.

After I left, I went for a walk, and it got me thinking about the local people ~ the business owners who really are the heart and soul of our communities.  They are bombarded with requests for donations for this fundraiser or that one, and they pull through each and every time.  How do I know?  Because I have had my hand out for prizes and raffles as well as event planning too many times to count ~ and each time, businesses say, “Sure!  Let me help you out.”  Their kindness and generosity is really unmatched in my book.  It’s not to say that big businesses don’t make their contributions, too (because they do) ~ but it’s the small business owners that really go all out.

I also have to give a huge shout out to MarEle Boutique Accessories.  Michele and MaryJane started this business two years ago, and it is so great to see how it has grown and developed!  Every Tuesday evening, they host Party From The Couch from their Facebook Page.  This online shopping event is a benefit for many different fundraisers happening in the area, and beyond.  MarEle donates a portion of the night’s sales to the selected organization.  In addition, they attend fundraising events.  (I am beginning to think they hologram themselves around the Capital District in order to keep up with all the events they attend.)

Don’t wait for Small Business Saturday.  The next time you’re looking for a gift, or in search of a great place to eat and hang out with family and friends support the locals ~ their supporting our communities, too.

Check out some of the businesses I’ve organized events through or have generously given raffle prizes:

(It’s in no way an all-inclusive list, our local community business owners are great!  These are just businesses that have helped me recently or ongoing in my fundraising efforts for local charities and events.)


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